Z.A.P.S. Gear 36" Bootlaces
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Using Z.A.P.S.Gear Paracord Bootlaces is a great way to make sure you always have some paracord on hand. Z.A.P.S.Gear uses only high quality 550 cord, so you can be sure your new Z.A.P.S.Gear Paracord Bootlaces will be there for you when you need them most. The tips are sealed by melting to a point, so they are easy to slide through the lace holes in your footwear, and there won't won't be any metal or plastic to cut around and slow you down when you need them in a survival situation. These will last far longer than regular bootlaces. We guarantee it. We have over 30 colors to choose from, so you will have the laces you need even for eccentrically colored shoes or boots.


  • Item #: PBL36

Z.A.P.S. Gear 36" Bootlaces

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